Thursday, February 08, 2007

So sad...

I was just sitting here trying to catch up from being gone most of the day, and as I'm holding my precious baby girl the news that Ann.a Nic.ole Smit.h was dead comes up on the TV. It was JUST last night that hubby and I were watching Entertainment Tonight and we talked about how tired we were of hearing her name and the endless drama that she creates.

I am sincerely hoping that this was a death of natural causes and not drug related. I agree that this woman has been through alot but IF this is the case of a drug overdose, I just cannot sympathize. To be so selfish to leave your new daughter and husband because you are going through a rough time...just doesn't cut it for me. My heart goes out to her husband and the rest of her family, and I will be keeping them in my thoughts.

Sorry...I'll get off my soapbox now

Y'all didn't think I had it in me now did ya?? :-)

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mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Oh no, I hadn't heard that~w/Bobby working so much I rarely get to watch tv~too busy w/my 11 year old & 21 month old :) I had the same thoughts of her always being in the lime light. That is definitely sad! I'll will be keeping her family in my thoughts as well.