Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Much Needed Break

The trip was just what I needed, and with the cold weather here I am seriously wishing I was still there!! Ava was a DREAM on the plane. She didn't even make one peep. She took her bottle on take off, took about an hour long nap, and then took another bottle as we were landing. Her ears were perfect, mine on the other hand were not. I was trying to get over that cold, and the pressure was like nothing I have ever one point I thought my ears were going to explode. They did eventually pop, but I couldn't hear in one ear for about 2 days.

Friday when we landed we just got a quick bite to eat, came back to the house let Ava play and let mommy unpack, and then headed out for a late dinner. Ava, as always, showed off for everyone. There was a man playing an electric piano, and she just bobbed her head and danced while we ate. We got up Saturday and went to the pool. She hadn't been swimming since last summer...not a good I was a little worried about how she would react, but this time she loved it!! It was even a little windy outside, but she didn't seem to mind a bit.

Sunday we watched UK pound Tennessee and then decided to head off for some shopping and then out again for dinner. My mom doesn't really cook while on vacation...the kicker is that they had been down there since December...and they eat out all.the.time. I'm not complaining because it was free food, but it gets tiring and it's nice sometimes to cook up some good seafood, have a drink and chill in the house. Again, not complaining. I do have one complaint about this day, I missed my nephews birth! Hubby called to tell me that my SIL had her baby...I told her to hold off until we got back but he had better plans!!! Ava cannot wait to meet her new little cousin.

Monday was probably my favorite day. We took Ava to the Zoo. It was a little chilly...actually the coldest week in Florida in a while so we had to bundle up, but it was totally worth it. Ava was so enthralled with everything, she did NOT want to sit in her stroller. She wanted us to hold her so she could see and hear everything that was going on. We got to see all kinds of birds, crocodiles, monkeys, a rhinoceros, some giraffes and many other things. It would have been a nice place to go if I didn't have a child, but being there with her, and watching her learn and get so excited made it so much more fun for me!!!

Tuesday we went to Cocoa Beach to do some more shopping, and then it was time to get home and start packing. There was alot to do!!! I had no idea how much stuff a baby would need while gone...packing for just me is such a piece of cake.

As promised, here are some pics from the trip...

First plane ride

Waving with Grandpa at the airport

Keeping up with current events

Fun times at the pool

Not in the mood for a posed picture

I didn't want to bore you with Zoo pics so I graciously put them in collage form

Off to watch the Super Bowl!!! Go Colts!!


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad you all had a nice trip :) That's wonderful that Ava did so well :) Loved the pics~she's such a cutie :) I know you're probably gald to be backhome though & into a somewhat normal routine :)

Ute said...

Your little girl is adorable. Time went so fast, just yesterday my babies were still that age and now they are 3 years old an visit the kindergarden next month...
It looks like Ava enjoyed the trip very much. By the way, you choose a very beautifull name for your daughter.