Thursday, June 28, 2007

In the doghouse

I'm not sure who I'm going to throw in there first, my husband or the dog. Last night, we came home to a horrible smell that permeated from the garage into the house. My loving, wonderful husband made the quick and smart realization that it was probably dead minnows still in the boat from his fishing trip over the weekend. The boat that he just HAD to have. And the boat that he HAS to keep in the garage which is much more important that me being able to park my car in there. Whatever, I'm over it. So anyway, he cleans them out, throws them in the yard and is done with it. Fast forward to today. I took the dog out without his leash and all was well. He played, ran, and rolled around. Nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't until we got back inside that the smell started coming again, and this time I realized that he had rolled all in it. And you know what else he's done today to continue with the stellar behavior?? Peed in Ava's room, and shit on my freshly mopped floor. Anyone want a nice, friendly basset hound that's great with children?? I'm kidding of course.

I'm off to give him a bath. And wouldn't ya know of all days it decided to RAIN here, something we haven't really had all summer. Looks like I'll be breaking out the mop again today. Sigh

Friday, June 22, 2007

Officially Summer

So I took Ava to the pool yesterday along with some friends and their kids, and thankfully it was a success. Last year, we took her (granted she was not even 3 months old) and she hated it, I mean HATED. Screamed as if I was intentionally trying to torture her. Fast forward a year, and I could barely get the child out of the pool. One thing I couldn't understand though. How is it possible that in constant 85 - 90 degree heat, a pool with no more than one foot of water has a temperature of, oh say 60 degrees? It was FREEZING! But teeth chattering and all, there was mucho fun to be had.

Here is what I mean by last year's excitement. This was taken right after I attempted to put her feet in the water. See the outstretched legs?? Yeah, she was pissed. (and I know, my boobs pretty much take over the picture, so as hard as it may be, just pretend that I'm not there!)

Then here's yesterday. That's my friend in the background. She would probably kill me if she knew I posted this on the Internet.

All in a day's work :-)

Pushing the horn on daddy's NEW fishing boat. And he thinks I'm a compulsive shopper??
The biggest catch he will probably every get...if not the biggest, defiantely the prettiest.
Got a busy weekend ahead. I have a friend in from Cincinnati and then we're off to the lake tomorrow to catch up with the boys who will be fishing. Ava will be spending quality time with her grandparents and I will be spending quality time with the sun and my liquid friends.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend...

Monday, June 18, 2007


I'm going out of my mind! When we moved I bought a new laptop, complete with V.ista which I am quickly realizing my hatred for. I have burned a total of 10 discs from my old computer and I'm slowly getting things organized on the new one, but using Wo.rd and Ex.cel, forget it. I'm not even going to try. I'm old fashioned. I liked my Wind.ows 2000 just fine. And it doesn't help the computer nerd in my family (a.k.a. my brother) has no idea to use it either. Fantastic...

In Ava news, little Miss Priss stood by herself for a whole 10 seconds at Gymbo.ree today. And naturally I've been trying to get her to repeat it all afternoon. Any such luck? Not a chance in hell.

She's also started sticking her tongue out when she's concentrating. Which normally would be cute but since my mom and I both do it without realizing, it's looking more and more like we have a third generation tongue sticker outer. I assume it's Gods way of getting back at me since I used to constantly make fun of my mom for doing it.

Ta ta

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Me likey me daddy

I always knew Matthew was going to be a good father to any kids we had together. I had seen him around his son, and was so proud to stand next to him and call him mine. I will never forget something he said to me early in our relationship. He looked at me and told he was terrified of having any more children, mainly because he was terrified of having a girl. He knew that it would be a love he could never match, and he would never be able to put her down. He knew that someday, as hard as it was going to be, he was going to have to punish her for her own good. He knew that she was going to be rotten and hateful as a teenager. He knew that someday he would have to watch her start dating, and that meant showing all prospective boyfriends his enormous gun collection. He knew that one day she would get married and that man will become responsible for her. He's afraid that after that day she would no longer be daddy's little girl and need him. He on the other hand is completely wrong. She will always need him, she will always be his little girl, and there is nothing in this world greater than that.

Happy Father's Day Matthew!

Daddy and Ava

Ready to go to church

My sister-in-law and nephew. I wish I had the pic of him also wearing Ava's old sleeper that we put on him after he had a massive diaper blowout.

Cards are way more fun than anything else.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

She slapped me first...

I imagine that's what is going on in my childs head, because I just slapped her hand as she was doing something she wasn't supposed to (imagine that) and she turned and slapped my hand back. I had to laugh really, because it really is just funny.

Pictures cuz it's all I got...

This is all about pictures, cuz I've already tried writing a long post twice and my internet keeps shutting my computer down. Apparently I need a new router, and until my lazy ass brother gets over here and helps me fix it blogging may be sporatic. Not that I'm consistent about it anyways...

Probably need to get that gate put up huh. (not Ava here, he's my best friends baby)
This is what happens to independent babies who try to climb on grownup exercise equipment.
And her first band aid, which lasted all of about 2 minutes.
Trying to help with the laundry..or maybe making it worse??

Not at all happy about this new conflicting contraption

This one was much better for her first trip to the lake!

And trying to jump out already

See ya on the flip side

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reason why I love being a mom. #7564

Today and tonight was one of those days where being a mom is exhausting, challenging but so worth it. Ava has been sick most of the day. No puking but it seems like I've changed more than 15 diapers since lunchtime alone. Stuff that comes with the territory but stuff that makes it hard when you are the only human being within a 100 mile radius that the child wants anything to do with.

Tonight I got to do something that I haven't done in a very long time. I got to comfort and rock my baby to sleep. She's the kind of baby you lay in the crib, turn the lights out and she goes to sleep on her own. I loved holding her with her back on my stomach, watching her rub her blanket furiously in her face. I loved watching her pelvic thrust and throw her legs all over the place. (apparently this is her newest nightly sleeping ritual.) I even loved it when she rolled over and put her finger in my nose, only to promptly take it out and put it in my mouth. But what I loved most was that she rolled over on her belly and laid her head on my arm, fighting to keep her eyes open while rubbing my face, as if to silently thank me for taking such good care of her.

No one could have prepared me for how much I love being her mommy.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

14 Months

Okay so she turned 14 months last Sunday, and this entry is definitely more for my benefit than anything else. I haven't unpacked the baby book yet (not that I'm that good at writing in it) and before I forget I need to mark down her new accomplishments.

She has about 20 words now but new ones this month are:

Kitty (sounds like titty of course)
Sit (sounds more like shit)
Ook (look)
Whassa? (what's that)
Shoo wa (shoo wee) - she says this anytime she sees me with a diaper or wipes

Things she's doing:

crawling up and down the stairs
crawling up to me to give me a hug
throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Oh boy...
will give kisses on demand to anyone who asks for them, especially her daddy!
laughs uncontrollably when I kiss on her neck and back
loves pulling lids off her snacks with her teeth
is getting closer and closer to walking. Loves pushing her toys all over the house
STILL loves bopping her head to music. Will push buttons on her toys over and over again and just sit there and listen
This kid is constantly cracking me up, and we are loving her more and more each day!