Saturday, June 02, 2007

14 Months

Okay so she turned 14 months last Sunday, and this entry is definitely more for my benefit than anything else. I haven't unpacked the baby book yet (not that I'm that good at writing in it) and before I forget I need to mark down her new accomplishments.

She has about 20 words now but new ones this month are:

Kitty (sounds like titty of course)
Sit (sounds more like shit)
Ook (look)
Whassa? (what's that)
Shoo wa (shoo wee) - she says this anytime she sees me with a diaper or wipes

Things she's doing:

crawling up and down the stairs
crawling up to me to give me a hug
throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Oh boy...
will give kisses on demand to anyone who asks for them, especially her daddy!
laughs uncontrollably when I kiss on her neck and back
loves pulling lids off her snacks with her teeth
is getting closer and closer to walking. Loves pushing her toys all over the house
STILL loves bopping her head to music. Will push buttons on her toys over and over again and just sit there and listen
This kid is constantly cracking me up, and we are loving her more and more each day!


Chas said...

Oh, Lila says "shit" all the time :)...I feel like I have to explain that word to everyone.

connie said...

I'm a little bit late but Happy 14 month Ava! She is doing amazingly well w/her speech & things she's doing~WAY TO GO AVA!!!! I LOVE that pic of her~she's so pretty & such a cutie pie :) You guys are definitely blessed to have her & she's super blessed to have such great parents :)