Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Moved, but not even close to being settled

So we're officially here in our new house, but I'm no where even being close to being unpacked and settled. I thought that I would be so excited to get things rolling here, but to be honest I am still so tired and it's just going to have to wait. The only glitch in the weekend was a pretty major thing. We lost the hardware to put Ava's crib back together. You see, my dad is one of these uber conservatives when it comes to money and he thought he would save me the extra $20 or so that it would probably cost for the movers to do it and do it himself. The problem being is that since the movers DID NOT take the crib apart, they didn't even realize there were parts sitting in a bag next to it, and now we are left without the parts and I'm left with a $50 replacement charge and express shipping deal. Sooo I sent Ava to sleep at my parents for the first night we were here, and since then the poor thing has been sleeping in her pack and play. And.I.feel.awful because have you felt how incredibly uncomfortable those things are? And it's totally out of the question that she come and sleep with me. I love her, but she's impossible to sleep with. I've done it, I've tried co-sleeping and it is just totally not for us.
Not sure if anyone else has satellite or not, but since I live out in almost the middle of no where now, we no longer have the wonderful option of cable and are forced to go with satellite or nothing at all. And since I'm a tiny freak about TV and the zillion shows I watch, I have to have it. I also decided that I needed not one, but TWO DVR's thingies this time. That way I will never ever have to miss another show. But then again it's summer and there's nothing on anyway. But anyway getting to my point. When I scheduled the appointment for a Saturday afternoon I assumed they would be here for about an hour and be gone. Nope, not even close. My guy decided that he was going to hang out all afternoon, and then when he got bored he decided to invite one of his other tech buddies to come hang out for the rest of the evening. Seriously, it took them over 8 hours to install the stuff. And to make matters worse, he had the nerve to come in my kitchen and ask to eat a Snickers, and when he realized it was the last one, he still ate it. Whatever. I didn't need it anyways.
I'm officially off the running trail for a while. My fat ass apparently isn't ready to be running and have suffered some sort of injury to my heel and foot. Gotta go to the doc to figure out what's going on, but until then if I decide to exercise it's off to the elliptical I go.
We attempted to eat at our new kitchen table last night officially for the first time. Yes it's exciting to me because I'm used to eating at the couch, on a wobbly tray table, because I had a kitchen table with no chairs. Really living the life of luxury huh. The ironic thing is that we really didn't eat there. We got these chicken kabob thingies and Matthew just couldn't get the chicken to cook right, so we ended up with pizza instead and ate it in front of the TV on our brand new couch downstairs. That's the classy kind of folk that we are. We'll try again tomorrow.

Okay totally rambling. Here are some quick pics. I decided to splurge and get a new laptop and I haven't installed picasa on here yet so I'll do a lovely collage for y'all when I get a chance.
Here's a pic of the living/dining room. I hate these couches, but my new ones won't be in for another 4 weeks so these will have to do for the time being.
Another view of the living room.
View of the deck and back yard.

My child loves her some central vac outlets. Don't worry, all was childproofed after photo was taken.

Ava's room. Maybe I'll get it finished when the new crib parts come.

As they say on MTV cribs, this is where the magic happens, or doesn't.

My new baby. Which is frustrating me to the core because it came with Vista and I have no idea how in the hell to get anything to work. It took me 2 days to figure out how to download my pics.
I think that outta do it for now. I'll post new pics when we get completely unpacked and the rest of the new furniture comes in.


Chas said...

Your new house is beautiful! I LOVE IT!!

My poor child sleeps in her pack 'n play every night...poor thing :).

beebop said...

beautiful new house! and that back yard, yowza, thats some land!!!