Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Round, round get around, I get around...

Not that way you pervs. But I have been getting around, around town, flashing my credit card and getting everything that I want! I'm in such a time crunch, I honestly can't even remember when I went to the bathroom last. I'm completely sleep deprived, neurotic, bitchy and anything else you can imagine, but in 4 short days I will be sitting on my new patio, enjoying a nice cold beverage in my new house. So you wanna hear what I'm going to do for the next 4 days?? I'm running in the morning (yep, still doing it), going to the new house to await my beautiful new bedroom furniture, cleaning new house until it sparkles, then coming back to old house to pack and then have a cry in my baby's nursery as this will be the last night that she spends in her first house. Thursday will be much of the same. Packing, heading to the new house to await new treadmill. See you all really didn't think I was taking the running seriously huh! Going back to old house to whip hubby's ass into packing mode and then crying again as it will our last night in our first house. Friday will be spent in my throne telling people what to do. Can it get any better than that??

Yes I know that was long and completely long winded but if I don't hurry up and publish this post my computer will shut down on me again, which is has been doing non stop for 3 days.

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Connie said...

Busy Busy, huh? Wow, time just flies by~it seems like just yesterday that you told us about your new house! I seriously thought you hadn't posted in a while DUE to running & packing :) See, I was positive~not negative :) Aww, that's bittersweet that this is the last couple days in your old house! You'll SO love your new house though~& you do have lots of pics of your old house to share w/Ava, don't you? Good luck w/the moving process. And, hey, you guys are going to be just fine in your new "throne" :) Don't forget to take some "before moving in" & "after moving in" pics of your new "throne" :)