Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogger Award

I have been nominated but not one, but two young ladies for the Rockin Blogger Award, and I promise to get my post together with my nominations as soon as I can. Thank you Connie and Whitney for the honor! (I'm too lazy right now to insert links)

I am currently holed up on the couch, trying not to move unless absolutely necessary. I do not remember feeling this bad at all when I was pregnant with Ava. I managed to get Phenergen from the Dr., but I'm either really sick this time or it doesn't work on me like it used to. It's keeping me from throwing up, but not keeping me from feeling like I'm gonna. My poor child is suffering too from the lack of attention from mama. I feel horrible, so to make it up to her I'm letting her watch hours and hours of Dora, The Backyardigans, Blue's Clues, anyhing so I can sneak in a few extra moments where I don't have to move and chase after her. And yesterday?? The dog pooped on the floor and I just left it there for a while. Gross, I know. But I thought I had less of a chance from throwing up if it at least had hardened a bit.

When I was pregnant with Ava, I was sick to my stomach alot, but as soon as I ate I was fine, and I ate ALOT. Hence the enormous weight gain. Now, no food is safe, no food tastes good, and if I make a wrong decision in a food choice I end up paying for it dearly for the rest of the afternoon. Today's culprit - Lemonade from Chick - Fil - A.

Be back ASAP...

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Fun Begins

The following things have made me gag today:

1. The smell of my dog's breath (although on a given day I would gag but today was especially worse)
2. The smell of my deodorant. But I'd rather smell and gag at my deodorant than the smell that would occur if I didn't wear any.
3. My daughter's sippy cup. I thought it had water in it, but forgot that it was water mixed with pear juice. It took me a while to get over that one.
4. A dryer sheet.
5. The first bite I took of my potato soup from Rafferty's. Normally a favorite of mine, but the first bite had a big piece of bacon fat in it and from there it was history.

So things seem to be moving right along. My vitamin seems to be the main source of my problem right now. I had them a while ago, but I hadn't started taking them until this week and this old body of mine isn't tolerating it. I'm giving it a week before I try something else.

U/S set for August 8th, so I hope to know alot more then.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Part 2: The Irony of it All

Before I go any further, I hope that you all don't think that this is something I didn't want. It is, it always has been, it's just the manner and the timing threw me way off. Although I shouldn't have been too surprised. I mean I haven't been on the pill since January and any time the fornicating (yep I really did use that word) happens you run the risk, and for us it wasn't a risk, it was something we wanted. The problem is that the fornicating happens few and far between here right now, and we had discussed "trying" starting in September. And by "trying" I mean ovulation kits and counting cycle days, calls to home for a lunch meeting and whatnot. I even had called Matthew earlier in the day to ask him the last time it happened because it felt like it had been forever. In fact it last happened the day after I got off my period. I was always under the impression that most women ovulated between 12 - 14 days after their period, and while this is true, I am now living proof that it also can happen at ANY time.

So let me back up. On Saturday of last week I noticed I wasn't feeling all that hot. No big deal, it was time for me to start and I usually feel pretty crappy right before hand anyways. Then Sunday came, Monday, then Tuesday and I started thinking that I was late. I'm NEVER late. Even when I'm off the pill my cycle is like clockwork. On Wednesday I decided to go ahead and take a test after something that happened at lunch. All of a sudden I got a wave of nausea, and all I could smell was milk, and there was no milk in sight. I'm sure you think I'm crazy but the last time I was pregnant my scent was heightened to a degree I didn't know existed. Anything that remotely had a strong smell had to leave the house. Walking past Bath and Body Works would almost send me running straight for the bathroom. So I had to run out to the store to get some other things anyways and decided to pick some up. If nothing else, I would have some for later months. I came home, decided then was as good a time as any to pee on the stick, Ava was happily watching Baby Einstein so I did it. I fully expected for it to skip over the first line and go straight to the not pregnant line. Not only did it not do that, the pregnancy line popped up in less than 30 seconds. My jaw hit the floor, I started shaking, crying and immediately ran to call Matthew who is in Florida for the week. He, like I, was shocked but I could tell from the sound of his voice he was happy and wanted to be here with me, not in Florida where he was.

And now that I have you on the edge of your seat, here comes the most ironic part. It was 2 years ago the day...that I found out I was pregnant with Ava. That is the part that got me. It is going to continue to blow my mind. Of course when I found out I was pregnant with Ava I hadn't even missed a period yet, I was like a kid in a candy store dying to know if it I was. So by all accounts, hoping that things go well, this baby will be here sometime around March 24, 2008. My birthday is March 23, and Ava's is March 27, so it looks like we will have our hands full with birthdays but how much fun will that be! I go to the doctor next month for an U/S so I'll have a better due date then. And who knows, if it's another girl we will have everything we need. And if it's a boy, then I'll have even more fun shopping all over again!

We have decided to keep this a secret for right now except for a few people (and the entire internet of course). I am dying to tell my parents but I want to wait until Matthew gets home on Sunday so we can do it together. I'm waiting to tell my close circle of friends, because one of them suffered a miscarriage last week and now is just not the time to talk about it with her. I did however go to the pool with another friend of mine today who secretly told me she's pregnant, so I went ahead and told her about me. It will be fun to have a friend here to be pregnant with. But she's also friends with the other girl so we were in agreement that this will be our secret for now. She's taking the miscarriage very hard.

Now that I've had time for it to set in, I'm excited, this baby is very much wanted and will be loved unconditionally. And although it is coming sooner that I had expected, I feel very fortunate that I am able to experience this journey again. I feel blessed that this is the next challenge that God has granted us, and that just means I will be able to hold this baby a few months sooner than I had ever dreamed. And I absolutely CANNOT wait to see Ava as a big sister.

So hop on board, this is sure to be a wild ride.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Details to follow in another post, as I'm trying to digest what has just happened...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To all my ladies...

**Note, this post was written under the influence of one too many fruity drinks during neighborhood Girls Night Out "luau night." And it's only going to be pictures, so don't be alarmed.

Just pretend that it was written by the dog.

"I've been lei ed ladies, who's next in line for this premium doghood? I bow (beg) thee to give me a chance."

Strong tall build, chestnut skin, beautiful eyes, huge ears and enough slobber to fill a gallon bucket, searching for someone to spend long romantic snoring filled naps, cat poop lunches and and dead fish rolls in the grass.

The cat already knows his trickery and is so over it. Upon seeing the specimen she has withdrawn her application without hesitation.

Nighty night!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

How do you spell tired

Come spend another weekend like last weekend with me and you'll understand. This is going to be bulleted, because I've sat here for an hour now, and have purposely deleted 3 posts because they weren't that interesting, and frankly they didn't make much sense. Not that this one does, so you get my point.

Thursday night - 8:30 PM and all is quiet in the house.

10:00 PM - Screaming ensues. Screaming lasts well until after midnight, when copious amounts of Tyle.nol have been allowed to take effect. Screaming baby now decides she feels well enough to play, but has no interest in sleeping. Great.

2:00 AM - Baby finally decides it's okay to let mom sleep, but will only do so if mom rocks baby for a half an hour until mom falls asleep before baby does. Baby promptly wakes mom up by poking her in the eye. The rocking continues and baby does unwillingly give in.

7:00 AM - Baby is awake at the crack ass of dawn, as if the previous night never happened.

10:00 AM - Mom realizes she must have turned off the baby monitor after hearing baby wake and screams because she is a horrible mother for leaving said baby in crib for so long. Checks on baby, baby is back asleep.

Rest of Friday is normal. Do shopping, put baby down for nap, start making dinner (not normal) as 12 people coming for dinner Friday night.

7:00 PM - People show up, people drink, people eat, people spill shit all over freshly mopped floors.

3:00 AM - Mama trying to sleep as baby will no doubt give another early wake up call, boys still playing pool and pool table is in the basement right under bedroom. Realize it's too late to take an Am.bien, or anything to sleep for that matter.

7:30 AM - Frantic words of "mama" heard from monitor. Mama reluctantly and very slowly walks to baby's room. Fresh aroma of poop, britches have exploded. It's going to be a swell day.

9:30 AM - Drop dog off at the kennel, drop baby off at grandparents, come home, scrub the house from the night before and somehow manage to sneak in an hour nap.
2:00 PM - Phone rings. Great Uncle has died, funeral is Sunday, mom and dad will keep baby but means plans of sleeping in totally uninterrupted for Sunday have now bombed. But that's okay. Being with family much more important.

6:00 PM - Attend engagement party out of town for brother in law and fiancee.

1:00 AM - Arrive home from said party, looking forward to getting at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

7:00 AM - Wake up to cat throwing up. TMI I know.

8:00 AM - Wake up again, take a quick shower and head out the door.

4:00 PM - Arrive back home from out of town funeral with baby in tow. I had to peel my eyes open to stay awake on the drive home, and was praying baby would stay asleep when we got home so I could TRY to get a quick 30 minute nap. No such luck. Instead woke up as pissed as she's been in a long time, and it didn't get much better.

8:00 PM - Baby is spent, so is mama and is sent to bed early.

8:15 PM - Mama falls asleep on couch.

10:00 PM - Thursday night's hell on earth starts again. Thoughts of why exactly I had a baby are flooding my head. This teething thing is really starting to piss me and her off. Another shot of Tyl.enol is given.
11:00 PM - Baby back asleep THANK GOD.

11:15 PM - Drift back asleep.

Approx. 11:30 PM - Loud blasts are heard outside, loud ass basset hound decides now would be a good time to stretch his vocal cords. Sound is that of a propane canon used by some old farmer about a mile down the road to scare off the birds.

12:15 AM - Sounds of propane canon and barking dog finally cease. Sleep is finally on the horizon.

8:00 AM - After a sort of good night sleep, baby awakes, happy, laughing and I think today is the day things are turning around.

10:00 AM - Phone call from furniture company. New couches are FINALLY in and will be delivered Friday!

12:00 PM - New deck furniture from Tar.get is delivered by hot UP.S guy.

2:00 PM - Husband comes home from doctor to go to bed. This is where he will proceed to spend the rest of the day, jacked up on a cocktail of, 1000 MG of Ibu.profen, and some anti-inflammatory. He messed his back up Friday (oops I left that part out) and since it was "sort of" my fault that it happened, I am now at his ever beckon call. He did however give me a hour off to take a nap. But that's only because that's when the medication kicked in.

So there ya go. Are ya tired yet? Because I am. And bored. And am hoping tomorrow continues to be better. And I promise I won't hate you if you never visit my site again.
But before I go this post wouldn't be complete without pics. But these aren't the Ava kind. These are pics of the party that was happening on my deck tonight.

I'm sure in the morning I'll have a beautiful web on my deck, but frankly I don't really care.

Said lonely spider invited best, and tastiest friend over. He's sure to be entangled in the web come morning.
And both will be history if he has anything to say about it.
Country living at it's finest.

Monday, July 02, 2007

15 months, going on 10

I'd have to say that today was one of the better days I've had in a while. Ava had her 15 month pictures this morning, so we got up and met my parents for breakfast beforehand. She of course cheesed it up like a professional, then went and played her heart out at Gymboree and crashed for a much needed 3 hour nap. When she woke up is when the fun began.

Since we've moved into this house, I feel like I'm constantly doing something. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, unpacking, hanging up pictures, picking up, and vacuuming some more. I feel like I rarely have time to sit down and when I do it's usually after Ava goes to bed. Because of the craziness I feel like I'm not doing as much as I need to with her so today I decided to take away all distractions, and give her my undivided attention. As soon as she woke up, I immediately turned off the TV and my computer and the only noises in the house was the laughter and jabbering of my little girl. I don't have a cell phone at the moment (mom moment #1578 I'll get to at the end of the post) so even that couldn't get in the way. It was just me and her and even though I knew it already she is just an amazing child. She's working on a vocabulary of about 20 words now, is repeating almost everything I say, mimicking alot of things I do and in my opinion is just sharp as a tack. And of course she's one of the funniest human beings I know. We laughed, we played, we read stories, I got lots of kisses and hugs, and of course I turned into a human jungle gym for alot of the time. Even the few tantrums that she threw didn't bother me. I just can't get over how my little baby has truly turned into a little girl, the changes every day are just remarkable. Watching her learn something new has to be one of the greatest things about motherhood, and knowing that I played a part in helping her is like nothing I can describe.

So, off on another random subject, I have been without a cell phone since Friday. Do you know what this is like for me? I have had a cell phone since 1995 and it is rarely far from my side. I had to get something out in the mail Friday, so when I realized that at 11:30 AM that the mail had already come, I decided to throw Ava in the car and take it to the post office myself. One small problem, I left the letter, my wallet and cell phone on the top of the car and drove off. It wasn't until about 1 mile down the road when I heard and saw my phone fly off the roof. I was able to recover my wallet (thank god) but all that was left of my phone was the back, and part of the battery. Not too worried about the phone, but the thought of re-programming all my numbers is enough to throw me over the edge. And do you know where the letter was? In my driveway of course.

Oh, another random subject, do you remember that race that I was training for? Well it's Wednesday, and guess what? I'm not running in it! Because of my foot injury I'm forced to lay off for a couple of weeks. Boo hoo. I told my girls I'll be at the finish line with margaritas. Hey it's the least I can do.

Happy 4th to everyone. Be safe!