Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To all my ladies...

**Note, this post was written under the influence of one too many fruity drinks during neighborhood Girls Night Out "luau night." And it's only going to be pictures, so don't be alarmed.

Just pretend that it was written by the dog.

"I've been lei ed ladies, who's next in line for this premium doghood? I bow (beg) thee to give me a chance."

Strong tall build, chestnut skin, beautiful eyes, huge ears and enough slobber to fill a gallon bucket, searching for someone to spend long romantic snoring filled naps, cat poop lunches and and dead fish rolls in the grass.

The cat already knows his trickery and is so over it. Upon seeing the specimen she has withdrawn her application without hesitation.

Nighty night!!


Holly said...

So funny!
Love the doggy pics :)


Yummm tuity fruity drinks!

connie said...

This is hilarious!!!! You crack me up! Cute pics of your dog :)

ohio blue eyes said...

your poochy is such a cutie!