Monday, July 09, 2007

How do you spell tired

Come spend another weekend like last weekend with me and you'll understand. This is going to be bulleted, because I've sat here for an hour now, and have purposely deleted 3 posts because they weren't that interesting, and frankly they didn't make much sense. Not that this one does, so you get my point.

Thursday night - 8:30 PM and all is quiet in the house.

10:00 PM - Screaming ensues. Screaming lasts well until after midnight, when copious amounts of Tyle.nol have been allowed to take effect. Screaming baby now decides she feels well enough to play, but has no interest in sleeping. Great.

2:00 AM - Baby finally decides it's okay to let mom sleep, but will only do so if mom rocks baby for a half an hour until mom falls asleep before baby does. Baby promptly wakes mom up by poking her in the eye. The rocking continues and baby does unwillingly give in.

7:00 AM - Baby is awake at the crack ass of dawn, as if the previous night never happened.

10:00 AM - Mom realizes she must have turned off the baby monitor after hearing baby wake and screams because she is a horrible mother for leaving said baby in crib for so long. Checks on baby, baby is back asleep.

Rest of Friday is normal. Do shopping, put baby down for nap, start making dinner (not normal) as 12 people coming for dinner Friday night.

7:00 PM - People show up, people drink, people eat, people spill shit all over freshly mopped floors.

3:00 AM - Mama trying to sleep as baby will no doubt give another early wake up call, boys still playing pool and pool table is in the basement right under bedroom. Realize it's too late to take an Am.bien, or anything to sleep for that matter.

7:30 AM - Frantic words of "mama" heard from monitor. Mama reluctantly and very slowly walks to baby's room. Fresh aroma of poop, britches have exploded. It's going to be a swell day.

9:30 AM - Drop dog off at the kennel, drop baby off at grandparents, come home, scrub the house from the night before and somehow manage to sneak in an hour nap.
2:00 PM - Phone rings. Great Uncle has died, funeral is Sunday, mom and dad will keep baby but means plans of sleeping in totally uninterrupted for Sunday have now bombed. But that's okay. Being with family much more important.

6:00 PM - Attend engagement party out of town for brother in law and fiancee.

1:00 AM - Arrive home from said party, looking forward to getting at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

7:00 AM - Wake up to cat throwing up. TMI I know.

8:00 AM - Wake up again, take a quick shower and head out the door.

4:00 PM - Arrive back home from out of town funeral with baby in tow. I had to peel my eyes open to stay awake on the drive home, and was praying baby would stay asleep when we got home so I could TRY to get a quick 30 minute nap. No such luck. Instead woke up as pissed as she's been in a long time, and it didn't get much better.

8:00 PM - Baby is spent, so is mama and is sent to bed early.

8:15 PM - Mama falls asleep on couch.

10:00 PM - Thursday night's hell on earth starts again. Thoughts of why exactly I had a baby are flooding my head. This teething thing is really starting to piss me and her off. Another shot of Tyl.enol is given.
11:00 PM - Baby back asleep THANK GOD.

11:15 PM - Drift back asleep.

Approx. 11:30 PM - Loud blasts are heard outside, loud ass basset hound decides now would be a good time to stretch his vocal cords. Sound is that of a propane canon used by some old farmer about a mile down the road to scare off the birds.

12:15 AM - Sounds of propane canon and barking dog finally cease. Sleep is finally on the horizon.

8:00 AM - After a sort of good night sleep, baby awakes, happy, laughing and I think today is the day things are turning around.

10:00 AM - Phone call from furniture company. New couches are FINALLY in and will be delivered Friday!

12:00 PM - New deck furniture from Tar.get is delivered by hot UP.S guy.

2:00 PM - Husband comes home from doctor to go to bed. This is where he will proceed to spend the rest of the day, jacked up on a cocktail of, 1000 MG of Ibu.profen, and some anti-inflammatory. He messed his back up Friday (oops I left that part out) and since it was "sort of" my fault that it happened, I am now at his ever beckon call. He did however give me a hour off to take a nap. But that's only because that's when the medication kicked in.

So there ya go. Are ya tired yet? Because I am. And bored. And am hoping tomorrow continues to be better. And I promise I won't hate you if you never visit my site again.
But before I go this post wouldn't be complete without pics. But these aren't the Ava kind. These are pics of the party that was happening on my deck tonight.

I'm sure in the morning I'll have a beautiful web on my deck, but frankly I don't really care.

Said lonely spider invited best, and tastiest friend over. He's sure to be entangled in the web come morning.
And both will be history if he has anything to say about it.
Country living at it's finest.

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connie said...

What a tiring last few days you've all had! I hope the teething issue gets better for Ava & Mama ;) Sorry to hear about your great Uncle :( Also, hope Matthew feels better soon! Oh, don't feel so bad about the baby monitor~it happens to all Moms :) In fact, it's happened w/me before & not actually been turned off. When Kendall was a little over a year old, I was sick & the monitor was ON & I was in a deep sleep one morning (after having been up most of the nite) & woke up around 10 AM & he was playing happily in his crib & smily & happy when I went in to get him! I really felt bad too though so I can relate! Anyway, hope your week is better this week & that the teething gets better! And hey, I wouldn't stop visiting your blog :)