Friday, June 22, 2007

Officially Summer

So I took Ava to the pool yesterday along with some friends and their kids, and thankfully it was a success. Last year, we took her (granted she was not even 3 months old) and she hated it, I mean HATED. Screamed as if I was intentionally trying to torture her. Fast forward a year, and I could barely get the child out of the pool. One thing I couldn't understand though. How is it possible that in constant 85 - 90 degree heat, a pool with no more than one foot of water has a temperature of, oh say 60 degrees? It was FREEZING! But teeth chattering and all, there was mucho fun to be had.

Here is what I mean by last year's excitement. This was taken right after I attempted to put her feet in the water. See the outstretched legs?? Yeah, she was pissed. (and I know, my boobs pretty much take over the picture, so as hard as it may be, just pretend that I'm not there!)

Then here's yesterday. That's my friend in the background. She would probably kill me if she knew I posted this on the Internet.

All in a day's work :-)

Pushing the horn on daddy's NEW fishing boat. And he thinks I'm a compulsive shopper??
The biggest catch he will probably every get...if not the biggest, defiantely the prettiest.
Got a busy weekend ahead. I have a friend in from Cincinnati and then we're off to the lake tomorrow to catch up with the boys who will be fishing. Ava will be spending quality time with her grandparents and I will be spending quality time with the sun and my liquid friends.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend...


connie said...

Aww, Ava's such a cutie pie! It's funny how they change their minds on what they like/dislike, isn't it! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!

Laura McIntyre said...

Ava is adorable, i love the one with her sleeping - she looks completly passed out. Swimming looks great fun , how do you get her to keep the hat on?