Thursday, June 28, 2007

In the doghouse

I'm not sure who I'm going to throw in there first, my husband or the dog. Last night, we came home to a horrible smell that permeated from the garage into the house. My loving, wonderful husband made the quick and smart realization that it was probably dead minnows still in the boat from his fishing trip over the weekend. The boat that he just HAD to have. And the boat that he HAS to keep in the garage which is much more important that me being able to park my car in there. Whatever, I'm over it. So anyway, he cleans them out, throws them in the yard and is done with it. Fast forward to today. I took the dog out without his leash and all was well. He played, ran, and rolled around. Nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't until we got back inside that the smell started coming again, and this time I realized that he had rolled all in it. And you know what else he's done today to continue with the stellar behavior?? Peed in Ava's room, and shit on my freshly mopped floor. Anyone want a nice, friendly basset hound that's great with children?? I'm kidding of course.

I'm off to give him a bath. And wouldn't ya know of all days it decided to RAIN here, something we haven't really had all summer. Looks like I'll be breaking out the mop again today. Sigh


Chas said...

...and these are the reasons my husband won't let us have an indoor pet.

ohio blue eyes said...

EW! why is it that the damn dogs can find the nastiest stank in the backyard and HAVE to roll in it? (my dogs prefer random cat shit to roll around in...we dont have a cat, but they like to come and use our yard as a toilet!)