Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tennis Skirt - Check
Shirt - Check

Ridiculously white legs - Check
Shoes - Check
Racket - Check
5 Equally Non - athletic friends to partake in weekly tennis group - Check

That's right folks, you heard it. I, along with 5 of my friends have bravely decided to get together on a weekly basis and attempt to play tennis. I actually used to be good, but that was back circa 1990 when it was cool to have colored strings and a pink handle. The sad thing is I still have that racket, but it will not be making the journey with me tonight. We're starting with lessons, but we actually think that in a few months we will be good enough to play each other...funny huh! It's really just an excuse for all of us to get together once a week, and maybe if the instructor is good looking we will have an even better reason to show up! These are girls that I have been friends with since high school or earlier, and with all of us going in different directions with our lives, we were really looking to do something consistently where we all get together. We tried the dinner/drink thing, but someone always had something else to do. Now we can combine a little bit of exercise (if you call it that) and then dinner and drinks can follow!

I'll let ya know how it goes tomorrow...I think the only muscle that will be sore will be my stomach from all of the laughter.

Oh and for all of you who were dying to know how I spent my Friday night...I was taking down my Christmas Tree. You see, I am not perfect afterall...

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mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Hope you had fun w/the tennis game~let us know how it went :) About taking down your tree~once you have kids, there's no set time limit in which to do things/get things done :) I meant to comment on your last post but never got around to it~I can *TOTALLY* relate to the husband thing. Don't get me wrong, I love Bobby alot, but he just doesn't seem to "get it" that I don't have all this "free" time that he thinks I do!!!! I'm like you though, I don't complain, at least I'm getting to stay home & be w/my children :)