Monday, April 02, 2007

A little bit of fun..

I've been tagged by Connie to do a meme of 7 songs that I'm listening to right here we go!!

1. Nobody by Akon - no reason other than it's a perfect summer drinking on the patio song.

2. So Over It by Katherine McFee - I don't generally have the McPheever, it's just a song I heard last week after we got royally screwed out of a house. I was going to blog about it...long story short, we made an offer on a house, we were told that the offer was accepted, then we got a call saying another couple offered the sellers $11,000 more than asking price. Yep...but I'm over it so the song is perfect.

3. Say it Right by Nelly Furtado - This song is #1 on my IPod, and I love rolling down the windows and turning this one up.

4. Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts - no real reason for this one...other than the fact that this song was popular the summer after getting my license, and I loved rolling the windows down and jammin to this one

5. Yeah by Usher - yeah I know this song is old, but I can't help it...I think Usher is hot and I get pumped up every time I hear this. In fact I like it so much I made my DJ play it 3 times in a row at my wedding...2 years ago.

6. This Ain't a Scene by Fall Out boy - just another good summer song

7. Wind it Up by Gwen Stefani - I hated this song at first, but now I can't get enough of it. Gwen's my girl

Tag, you're it
Holly, Whitney, and Lisanne

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