Friday, March 02, 2007


That's the title because really it's been one of those kind of weeks. I did try for hours to upload some hilarious videos of Ava on here, but since I'm completely useless when it comes to Blogger, I can't figure out how to do it. Maybe another day.

Other than that, here are the not so exciting highlights to my week:

Monday - had minor toe surgery to remove completely annoying infected toenail
Tuesday - sat and watched friends play tennis while sidelined with aforementioned toe procedure
Wednesday - went to UK Game with best friend ever
Thursday - nothing....didn't even leave the house. Pathetic I know
Friday - went along with 200 of my closest friends to huge local baby consignment thing and racked up on some killer deals for my child. P.S...I don't even know 200 people, so they weren't really my friends. I did however drag one friend with me.
Saturday - well, that's tomorrow so I don't know what I've done yet, but I do know we're going to water babies first thing in the morning so I anticipate it to be a glorious day.

In Ava news, she decided that Wednesday's Kentucky game would be a perfect time to perfect the art of clapping. She's been at it for weeks, and finally made a noise and now claps on demand! Unfortunately my parents were the ones to witness this glorious occasion as I was off watching the game in it's live version. She has also decided that she MUST touch all four sides of her crib with her feet, then roll over twice before falling asleep....always followed by a one minute mini tantrum. And lastly, she decided today would be a good time to play tug o war with the dog toys....and the dog. It was super cute and I have it on you will just have to use your imagination. Thank goodness I have a patient pup and that while its okay for her to play with his toys, it is totally unacceptable or him to come within 3 feet of hers. That's only fair right??

That's all...


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I'm right there w/you~I haven't had much of an exciting week myself. Hubby was on vacation from his full time job Mon-Thurs but he had tons of stuff to do outside & it was like he was @ work :( Hope your toe is better~I've heard that's painful. That's great that Ava can clap now~that's SO cute to see a baby clap :) Isn't it funny the things they do before going to sleep? Kendall scoots all the way up to the right corner of his crib to go to sleep~The first few times he did that, I knelt down & leaned up against the bedrails just to make sure he could breathe & was breathing, LOL! I bet that's cute when Ava & the dogs play :) Hope you & your family have a good weekend :)

Lisanne said...

Water babies sounds neat! :) Lucas *loves* his baths, and I bet that he'll *adore* swimming this year. I'd love to find a mommy and me swim class! It's OK to have an uneventful week. I prefer it that way! :)