Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My life is so predictable

Internet? Meet my own personal hell. So here we are halfway through the week and you wanna know what edciting happened to me?? My dryer broke. And this is the pile of laundry that seemed to grow by the minute. I spent all last Saturday cleaning, but apparently the one thing I forgot to do was attempt to make a dent in this...and now I'm taking the punishment for it.

You see, laundry is the one household chore that I hate...H-A-T-E. Toilets, no problem....mopping, no problem... scrubbing dog slobber off the walls and furniture, no problem. But I'd rather poke both eyes out than to do laundry. It probably doesn't help that my mom did mine until I went to college, and then she still did it when I came home every weekend.

In other totally non related news, Ava is now pulling up like a champ. I'm guessing I can thank McDreamy for that.

My friend is having a party this weekend...sort of like old high school times. Her parents are going out of town, all the girls are invited and guys can come if they can stomach it. I imagine ames like asshole and 3 man will surely be played and I'm really excited. The only thing not allowed is 20/20. God thinking about that stuff makes me want to puke.

Rock on y'all


Whitney said...

Yay! Ava's love for McDreamy finally paid off! And also? Loooove the mohawk!

Holly said...

Bathtub pic is AWESOME!
And I feel you on the laudry. Although my problem is with actually folding them and putting them away once clean. Ugh.

Chas said...

She is gorgeous! Yay for pulling up!!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I could've sworn I already commented on this post, lol, so I'll comment now :) I'm right there w/ya on the laundry! Out of everything I do around the house, laundry is my WORST chore~I.HATE.LAUNDRY!!!! I rarely get completely caught up, despite all this "free time" my husband seems to think I have!

Congrats to Ava for mastering pulling up~won't be long now before she starts walking :)

That last pic of her is TOO funny! Very cute!