Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time for a quick commercial break...EDITED

Sorry for the lack of posting...having major server/router issues and therefore Internet won't work (posting from a friends right now). My brother AKA major computer geek is supposed to be coming over tomorrow to fix/transfer some things out so hope to be back in business then.

On a side note, (and totally more for my benefit than yours)

Pregnancy related issues:
  • Sore boobs (but not sure if that's from them actually being sore or them being sore from me poking them all day to see if they are sore)
  • Tired, no EXHAUSTED. Sort of remember being this tired with Ava, but not with the twins. Her nap time can never come soon enough for me.
  • Feel good other than that. By this point in my last pregnancy I was doped up with 2 anti-nausea medications, so hopefully that's a good sign, but I'm sure I just jinxed myself in saying that so I'll go ahead and make sure toilets are clean.
  • Smells are starting to become stronger, but nothing really that bothers me...yet. Again, full force gagging was in effect by now with the last pregnancy. Just the smell of my house made me gag.
  • First Dr. appointment is May 23...and NO ONE from my family will be here to celebrate in the joy. Matthew is on a 4 day fishing trip and mom and dad will be in FL. Boo.
  • Speaking of family, we still haven't told anyone yet. I was really wanting to wait until after the appointment, but since my parents will be gone, we decided to go ahead and do it on Sunday. Things would have worked out perfectly however Matthew just found out TODAY that he is probably going to Brazil on Sunday. He was supposed to leave for Canada on Monday, but now they think it's more important to go to Brazil...per the President of the company. So I'll be telling my parents solo. Last two times were told within 3 days of finding out, so needless to say it's been TORTURE keeping this a secret.

Will let you know how it goes...I still think my parents have a hard time dealing with the fact that I DO have sex, but nevertheless they will be thrilled.

**Sitting here messing around and TOTALLY screwed up my template, back to square one!


Sara said...

YOu are hilarious - it's funny how grandparents want grandchildren but REFUSE to think of how they got them. CONGRATS by the way - couldn't be happier for you missy!!

Chas said...

I'm so glad you aren't feeling as sick as you were last time!!

Wendy said...

Gagging...that's ALL I did with Lani! So annoying! People though that I was kidding. UGH!! I wish I was because atleast I would have been able to stop.

Lisanne said...

How special that will be, sharing your BIG news on Mothers' Day! :) I hope that it goes well! I am SO happy for you guys. Sorry about your hubby's travels. :( So glad you're feeling better this time!

Christy said...

Canada? Brazil? Holy crap! If my husband is 4 hours away, I get all stressed out.

Anonymous said...

Well, Congratulations! Drat. I'm embarassed. I hit "mark all as read" from my trip & I missed out on your news. I'm so happy for you guys!

Laura McIntyre said...

I think i have said congrats already but i really am thrilled by your news and that you are not feeling so sick this time around.

Nellie said...

Oh gawd! That is so funny cause I think I felt the same way when we told my parents that I was pg... they finally were faced with the truth! Their daughter was having sex!!

Jesser said...

Sounds like things are going along well ... for being pregnant at any rate. I guess I always assumed that subsequent pregnancies would be similar to my first, but I've been amazed at the range of different symptoms friends (online and in "real life") have had. Must be so hard having your husband away like that. Hope you had fun telling everyone ... Happy Mother's Day!

Anth said...

I'm over here giggling about your parents trying vainly to think of anything but their precious daughter having SEX. Heehee

Emma in Canada said...

When I would tell people that I was pregnant I would literally be thinking to myself "My God! They know I've had sex!" And yet, I willingly tell the blog world when I have it.

And congrats, I'm a bit of lurker..think I've only commented once or twice! Shall go back to lurking now.