Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's in the numbers

3 - Number of times toddler has shit her pants today.

3 - Number of times the same toddler has deemed her shit pretty enough to not only draw on herself, but draw on my glass doors, floor, furniture and even throw a little in the shag carpet for good measure.

4 - Numbers of baths taken today (only 1 by me)

1 - Times the dog thought that poop would make a good afternoon snack only to throw it right back up on previously mentioned shag carpet.

2 - Number of loads of poopy laundry. And the fact that I already had a good 8 loads that also needed to be done, I am now way behind.

3 - Number of times Time Out has been used

0 - Number of times Time Out has been successful

25 - Number of times I've washed my hands

9,554 - Number of times I've walked to the refrigerator for a glass of wine only to realize that it's off limits for THE NEXT 9 MONTHS!

I'm seriously contemplating the duck tape to the diaper idea.


Connie said...

Bless your heart! Just keep in the forefront of your mind that she's your daughter & how much you love her, lol! I know, I know~some days are better than others ;) Get as much rest as you can~being pregnant when you have another child makes for a LONG 9 months~but also a HAPPY 9 months :)

Chas said...

We've got you beat...Lila had 4 poops today...gross.

Jesser said...

LOL. Only wine??? What about Vodka? Tequila? Everclear?

Christy said...

You poor woman. That is entirely too much poop in one day.

Nellie said...

Poop sucks. Laundry sucks. Dog puke sucks. I'm sorry!!!

Anth said...

Ehhhh... *Anth shudders at thought of so much poo* have my deepest sympathies!