Friday, February 15, 2008

Truths and Lies, the Finale

Finally I'm getting around to this. My husband left Tuesday for Brazil, AGAIN, and I'm desperately trying to get my house ready for a Bridal Shower tomorrow. Doing that and taking care of a toddler alone has left me very little time for blogging. So without further ado, I bring you the conclusion to the truths and lies.


#2 and #7

#2. I was adopted at 2 weeks old. I could not have been brought into a better family. Anyone who knows my parents, and my family knows how lucky I am. I thank God every day for them. My birth mother was 17, kicked out of her house, and was sent to a home for pregnant teens to complete the rest of her pregnancy. My birth father was not in the picture at the time. I have always known I was adopted, and I cannot remember a specific time when my parents told me. About 4 years ago I was contacted by my birth mother, and she and I have had minimal contact since then. She wants much more from the relationship than I want to give her, and as hard as it is on her, it's the way I want it. Maybe someday I'll post more about it on my other blog where I can go password protected. It's something I've been wanting to write about for a while, but haven't gotten around to it. The whole thing has given new meaning to me for parents who aren't able to have children of their own. My brother is also adopted, but obviously from a different family. He and I could NOT be more different. I used to hate going on vacations when I was younger for the fear that someone would think he was my boyfriend since we look nothing alike. He used to beat me up and I hated him, normal brother/sister things, but now we have a great relationship.

#7. I have only thrown up 9 times. That's going back to childhood, or as far as I can remember. And I CAN remember each time. The last time I did it was summer of 06, and before that it had been about 8 years since it happened. It's a big part of my anxiety disorder, another thing that I may talk about if I can get up the courage. Another one of my blogger buddies talked privately about this very same subject, and I am overwhelmed by her courage to talk about something so private. Only my closest friends know about it, and even though they may not understand it, they support me. And as sick as I was this last pregnancy, I never actually puked. Because that's just what my body does. Instead of getting it out and feeling better, it would rather keep it in and feel more like shit.


#6 and #8

#6. I have only been 4 wheeling once in my life, and I was about 12. I came pretty close to flipping and becoming another ATV casualty, therefore I haven't been on one since. However, Matthew owns both a 4 wheeler and 2 dirt bikes and while the 4 wheeler is mostly used for his hunting excursions, he's been known to throw down and get crazy with it. And even though he's too big and looks ridiculous on a dirt bike, he takes that for a good spin occasionally too.

#8. While it did take me 6 years and 2 colleges to finally graduate, I only had 4 different majors, not 6. Although with as many hours as I had when I graduated, I should have had a double major.

So there you have it. Things you did and didn't know about me, and things you probably wish you never had learned!



WOW! My life is kinda a bore comparaed to that...too funny about worrying that people would think your bro is your B/F! Hope your shower goes great!

Jesser said...

Very interesting!!
Hope your days as a single mom go swiftly and smoothly (and Brazil?!? - is that like Paris, TX?).

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Did anyone get them all right? Oh, and you still need to post a pic of the baby in her Uggs.

Chas said...

I would have NEVER guessed the one about puking. Wow.

Laura McIntyre said...

I would never have guessed those ones, adoption is an amazing thing and it sounds like you found the perfect family

Lisanne said...

Oh wow, Becca. Words can't express how wonderful it feels that you would say something SO sweet about me!!! Thank you! I'm sorry that I haven't responded to all of your e-mails yet! :(