Thursday, February 07, 2008

4 Lies, 4 Truths

I've seen this one going around, and I don't really have much else to write about, so here goes a little bit of see how well you think you know me! I'm going to do it a little differently, so here I bring you 4 lies and 4 truths. Leave your answers in the comment section if you want, I may or may not send out a prize, but you never know!

1. My second and third toes on both feet are webbed. When I was in third grade I begged my Dr. to separate them but he wouldn't .

2. I was adopted when I was 2 weeks old. My mother was 17, she was kicked out of her house and was forced to spend the remaining 3 months of the pregnancy in a home for pregnant, unwed, teenagers.

3. I have been overseas 6 times, and have visited 11 different countries not including Mexico and Canada.

4. My family and I have been going to the same beach for vacation every year that I have been alive.

5. I'm a serial bridesmaid, I've been a bridesmaid in 9 weddings and I have all of the dresses to prove it. I even passed out at one from the heat and standing too long.

6. Before I had Ava, I would ride dirtbikes and go 4 wheeling on the weekends with my husband and step son. I still go any chance I can.

7. I have only thrown up 9 times in my entire life. I can recall each and every time.

8. I had 6 majors in college before I ever graduated. It took me 7 years to finally finish.

Let's see how many get them right!


Chas said...

Shoot! Blogger at my comment!

In a nutshell...I went with #3 and #8.


I am too afraid to vote!!! I will go with False are #2,3,6,8
If not I am learning alot!!!!NAD YOU ARE CREATIVE HEE HEE

Leah said...

These are fun!
False ~ 1,2,4,8

mumof4 said...

guessing false 1, 5, 2 and 6

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

I know 2 is true. I'm also guessing 4,6, & 7 are, too.

Anth said...

I think 2 4 5 & 7 are true.