Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When life gives you a lemon, make vodka and lemonade

Yeah I'm here. I know you all are sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what to expect next. Well the neverending challenges of this pregnancy keep coming at me. Things were going good until I got the call on Tuesday. The call that will again keep me from sleeping or enjoying a minute of life until my ultrasound on Tuesday. My Doctor called Tuesday afternoon to inform me that my AFP test came back high for Neur.al Tu.be De.fects. He assured me that he's confident based on the pathology of the dead baby that this is a direct reflection of that. I am also comforted by the fact that if he was overly concerned I would have been in his office that day. It still doesn't make it any easier on me. Yes I know these tests produce many false positives, yes I know that at the time the blood work was taken I was probably still carrying hormones from the other baby. I also know that as we weren't planning to have a baby this soon I was NOT taking pre-natal vitamins. I did start choking them down the day I found out, but there were some days at the early stages I couldn't choke them down. I just have to try to have as little faith as I have left that everything still is okay. We will know for sure on Tuesday but knowing all of the what ifs takes all the fun out of finding out the sex of this baby. All I am concerned about now is that it is healthy. And considering this is the last time I am going through this, I was hoping to at least be able to enjoy a little bit about being pregnant. So far we've struck out big time in that area.

In other totally irrrelevant news, things haven't been all that bad here. My child FINALLY decided that she can indeed get faster places if she walks. Sure she's been taking a few steps for weeks, but the other night we were out to dinner at the clubhouse where my dad plays golf, and she just took off, all the way across the room, and never looked back. That's my girl. I knew she had it in her! She still prefers to crawl but at least we're getting there. Now if the dog would only get out of her way...

Knowing me I won't post again until the weekend is over. Thankfully I have a busy one planned. Matthew is having his 20th, yep 20th High School Reunion this weekend (I love teasing him about that) so there's all kinds of crap, I mean stuff going on. Not really looking forward to much of it except Keen.land on Sunday, but seeing as my favorite thing to do out there is chug the ice cold beer, I might be in for a long afternoon. He's also dragging me to some picnic on Saturday which is forcing me to miss my beloved Cats kick the crap out of the Gators. Does he realize what a good wife I am??? Because seriously, I don't miss football games for just anybody.

**Just got a message from the nurse at my Doctor's office saying my blood work came back normal??? WTF. God I'm so confused



Sorry for all the rollercoasters with the pregnancy...hopefully they can give you some REAL answers Tuesday. The waiting game can eat you alive...I wish you peace and days that pass quickly til then!

Jen said...

Good Lord woman... what a ride, huh?
I seriously am praying for nothing but a good, and awesome ultrasound where you see that everything is just ducky in there.


Oh...and GO GATORS!! :OP

Emmakirst said...

Well I hope that the latest call is the accurate one, as if you need more stress!

I'll be praying that the u/s shows a perfect little baby.

Chas said...

Good grief you've been through a lot! I sure do hope that the latest results are accurate. I'm sure it will all be fine. The only person I've ever known to get a bad result from the AFP test didn't end up having anything major wrong with her baby (meaning no neural tube defects). I'll still be on the edge of my seat waiting for next week's results!

connie said...

I'm keeping you in my daily prayers & sending good thoughts & vibes your way. Please keep us updated. (((hugs)))

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I am starting to list you as the strongest person I "know," cause you are handling the lemons so far better than I could have. I am thinking that most recent call should take the majority of the fear away. At least enough for you to enjoy your weekend.

I'm so rooting for your team. I know too many obnoxious Florida peeps that need a little crow to chew on.

Can't wait to hear about the gender. Are you feeling a certain way?

Lisanne said...

I just seriously cannot BELIEVE everything that you have gone through with this pregnancy. I'm praying and hoping that your baby is absolutely fine in there and that nothing is wrong. I can't wait to hear an update. Ugh ~ what a wait! :( My OB always told me that those tests often showed false positives and not to worry if that was the case. So ... I'm hoping that all is good for you.