Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bitchin cuz I wanna

Today has been just one of those days. One where if I would have been able to predict who would call and what would happen, I would have pulled up the covers and stayed in bed.

It started with a call I got at 8:30 from Ava's Parents Day Out teacher. Started the day off wrong, I'll go into details about it in a minute.

I want to shout out to everyone that has been affected by Ike. We had massive winds here on Sunday as a result of the storm, and for us to suffer any damage this far away pales in comparison to what some people are facing. We came home to find several sections of shingles missing from our roof. With all the problems that we've had I'm all for ripping the damn thing off and replacing it with a permanent sun light.

We had our home inspection on the old house yesterday. Just as a precaution I went over to make sure none of the smoke detectors were beeping and the air filters were clean. I pulled up to find our one and only tree in the front yard totally snapped in half. Guess it's a good thing we already sold the house.

Ava's sleeping habits and attitude are pushing me closer to the edge insanity. I was pretty close before but lately she's been completely unmanageable. So unmanageable that when I "try" to discipline her she throws her hands on her ears and rolls her eyes. I'm being played like a fiddle.

Matthew's being a total ass. PMS in rare form. I actually went to the store and made dinner tonight, for him to come home, tell me he wasn't eating it and therefore will take care of himself now. He complains if I don't cook, complains if I do. I can't win.

I left my grocery list at home, drew a complete brain fart and forgot about half of what I needed. Most importantly dog food. Ava dropped her prized blankie at the check out line at Wal-Mart. I searched all over the damn place to realize it was the last place we actually were.

I desperately want a new layout to my blog, and found the best website where you can upload cute ones for free, and I'm a complete and total idiot and apparently cannot follow directions.

A friend of mine got some bad news from a MRI he had Friday. Has a mass on his temporal lobe. Not sure what that means but he has 3 kids. He's a total turd ball but I'm putting my feelings and animosities aside and hoping and praying for the best.

Gosh I'm really whiny today.

Going back to the call from her teacher. She started last Monday, so yesterday marked her second day. Not much time in my opinion to get a feel for how a child is really going to be. She cried last week when I dropped her off. Got the report when I got her that all was fine. Dropped her off screaming yesterday, they told me not to worry about it, they could handle it and all was fine. When I picked her up both teachers said she was fine, she had some moments but nothing to worry about. She called today to tell me that Ava was indeed very hard to comfort yesterday, that she cried alot, and they don't think she's ready to stay there from the scheduled time of 9 - 2. Nothing that any mother wants to hear. I was SHOCKED. This was coming from the same mouth that at the orientation 3 weeks ago said they would a.) call if a child could not be consoled, b.) would ask the parent what to do to console the child, c.) would recommend that even if the child wasn't happy, they could handle it and would not recommend changing things unless there was an extreme circumstance. She tried to make it seem like after 2 weeks...she could determine that this is how Ava was going to be. She went to this SAME Parents Day Out last year, and I had NO complaints about her. I loved her teacher and was devastated to learn that Ava wouldn't be in her class this year. I'm at a loss as to what to do. The teacher suggested that we try her from 9 - 12 next week. That does nothing for me. I'm going to be sitting, watching the clock, wondering what's going in that classroom. I understand their concern for what's going on there and if she's disrupting then we need to figure out what to do, but after only 2 times???? I would think that when you are dealing with 2 1/2 year olds no assumptions can be made that fast. She does have a tendency to cry SOMETIMES when I drop her off in unfamiliar situations, but never for more than 5 minutes and no one ever says anything about it. Even at the orientation I didn't get a real sense of compassion from this woman, and my feelings are pushing me stronger to take her out completely. I do not want to do it. I know there are going to be times as she gets older when I get phone calls about her behavior. There are going to be times when I don't like her teachers. But we have to deal with it. They are supposed to be trained to deal with these kids. This is good for Ava, and for me but if it's going to do her more harm in the long run I'll yank her out. I have no problem doing that. Maybe I'm overreacting, or maybe I'm just being a concerned parent, something I really haven't been forced to deal with yet.

I'll continue my pity party alone, maybe with a glass, or bottle, of wine.


Christy said...

Ugh. Children are so darn difficult. I hope Ava adjusts well over the next week, and you don't have to take her out of the class.

Catwoman said...

As the mom of a kid who hates new situations, I can TOTALLY relate. I've been through this a few times now, because LM started daycare at 14 months and they changed his class at his old daycare every 6 months (I guess so the kids don't get too attached to the teachers?).

Every class he moved to, it was two weeks of hell. Then I changed him schools when he was really unhappy at his last class (after having been in it for three months) and it was tough again.

Anyway, now, he's been moved for his third birthday, and the week before he moved, I met with his teachers. They assured me he'd be fine, that they had requested LM because he was so sweet and that he's hung out in their classroom before and was fine.

Well, it's bene difficult. This is his third week there and I can assure you that the first two involved him having to be pried off of my body like a baby monkey and him screaming my name as I walked away.

But now, it's week three. And on Monday, he walked into his class, and although he didn't look thrilled, he didn't cry. This morning, he kissed me and walked right in.

I think you need to talk to the teacher and tell her that Ava did great last year and that she just needs some extra TLC, which you expect the teacher to give. If she's still not budging, I'd talk to the principal and complain. You don't want to rob Ava of the social interaction, but at the same time, she should be with a teacher who loves her.

My hunch is, she just needs a little more time. Two days does not decide a child's behavior and the teacher should KNOW that.

Good luck!!!!

Julie said...

I'm sorry Becca! Brody is having a bit of a rough time at his MDO class as well. He cries when I leave him, even as we pull into the parking lot! He cries off and on during the day as well. I do pick him up at noon, because I don't think he's ready to stay until 2 yet. I hope it gets worked out. Ava seems like she's a very adaptable kid. I bet she just had a bad day yesterday. Hopefully the teachers are more understanding!

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

I'm so sorry Becca. That really sucks. Have you tried to talk to them about their policy? Two weeks is not much time to make an adjustment at all.


Htye for sure need to give her more adjustment time. Sorry that really wears on your emotions. Maybe you should get hubby a gift card to McDonalds and your job is done ha! Wine is so sweet at moments like this. Hope your friend's diagonis turns out to be okay.

Sugar and Ice said...

So sorry that so many crappy things are going on.

The MDO teacher sounds like a piece of work. Anyone working with two year olds shouldn't expect much, especially after only two days. I wouldn't assume she has any training though. Most MDO teachers and many preschool teachers haven't even graduated college.

Jesser said...

That teacher sounds like a total pain in the ass. I hope you figure out something. Sorry it's been a bad day ... I hope the week has improved.

Holly said...

Sorry about your day. How awful!
And the school thing sounds suspicious. Ellie had a really rough time going back to school the first two weeks, but after that she was fine. I feel like they didn't give Ava enough time to adjust, plus, they should have called you.

Anonymous said...

My surgery was the base of my brain and my spine.From my understanding talking to diff.nurses on the neurological floor a tumor on the temporal lobe is pretty easy to get too.The lady in the bed next to me had surgery on her temporal lobe and she was up walking and talking the day after.That being said any kind of brain surgery is scary lots of prayers sent his way for his health and family.Kids are all different and it sounds like the teacher just doesn't want to deal with her.Do you have the option for a different teacher.Good luck...and I will join ya in the bottle of wine cause I am having a pity party also...vent away I will listen lol

Nellie said...

all that in one day? you are entitled to as much wine/whining as you'd like. :)