Wednesday, August 06, 2008

He's getting old!

Today's Matthew's birthday. I probably shouldn't post how old he is but I'm gonna anyway because I like to rub it in. He's one away from the big 4-0 so this time next year I'll be planning a killer bash.

Here is Ava singing Happy Birthday to him on the phone this morning, she got super bashful and quiet and she did better in person but it's too cute not to post. And yes I sound like a retard. I HATE my voice.

Happy Birthday baby!


Sara said...

OMG little miss is just too precious!! Happy birthday to the hubs...I feel like I get older a lot quicker than I used does that work out?! Have a great week :)

connie said...

Aww, Ava's precious singing to Daddy! Bobby turned the big 40 last month (7/9) & I had planned a big bash on the 19th but Kendall had a staph infection that week so I opted to re-schedule it (plan on doing it sometime this month/next month).

Hope Matthew had a wonderful b-day & enjoyed his day!

And you DON'T sound like a retard but I know where you're coming from because I, too, hate my voice!

Wendy said...

awww! Happy Birthday to Matthew. The video was cute. I hate my voice too, but you sound fine. Really:)

Sugar and Ice said...

She is so cute!! LOVE the video!! Oh, and your voice sounds fine! Everyone hates the sound of their own voice it seems.

Happy 39th to your hubby!!

Catwoman said...

You sound great, but I know how you feel, as the sound of my voice to me is like nails on a chalkboard.

And Ava is adorable!


Awww AVA is a complete doll! I want to eat her up...well you knwo what I mean!